Refill Tips

We offer refills and refill kits to fill your bowl in the comfort of your own home! Here’s what you need to know for refilling your candles.

We ask that you bring in your vessel already clean to shorten the refill time.

How to clean the wax out of your bowl

When you have finished burning your candle, you want to make sure your bowl is clean before you bring it in for a refill. There are a few ways you can clean your dough bowl or vessel.

1. After you have snuffed out your candle, you can simply pour the liquid wax out of the vessel and wipe clean with a paper towel 

2. If your wax has hardened in the bottom of your vessel, you can pour warm water on it and let it melt the wax. Then you can just pour the water and wax out and wash with soap and warm water.

3. Hairdryers also work perfectly to melt the leftover wax. You can then pour out any remaining wax and wipe your bowl clean.

How to get your wicks out

You can take a butter knife or other flat edge and pop the wicks out. If the glue does not want to come out you can heat the metal piece of the wick to soften the glue

How to Use Your Refill Kits


* Your cleaned dough bowl

* 3 wicks

* 3 stickums

* scented soy wax. 

---- TIP: we have included stickums in the kits, but we highly recommend you use a hot glue gun to place the wicks. The stickums sometimes have a tendency to shift or slip once the wax is melted. ---


1-Prep your dough bowl, make sure it is dry and clean of any wax. Separate all your materials. 

2- Add stickums to the bottom of the wicks (or use hot glue which is what we use and what we recommend) and add them to the base of your bowl in a line down the middle of the bowl. 

3- place wax kit into the microwave on high or about 3 minutes or until it is fully melted. 

4- let the wax stand for about 10 minutes. We want the wax to be as cooled as possible before pouring. 

5- After the wax has cooled, slowly pour the liquid wax into your bowl. 

6- keep an eye on your wicks and adjust and straighten them as needed. You can brace with wicks with a butter knife. 

7- Let harden, and trim your wicks to 3/4 of an inch. Please give your bowl 24 hours before burning.