Hand poured Soy Candles

Family owned and operated candle business on our family farm. All soy candles are made on site. Our barn has many other small home decor, and unique pieces.

The Barn

Home to locally made dough bowl candles

We also hand pour our dough bowl candles on site. A beautifully unique candle that have become very popular.

Hand poured natural soy jarred candles

Beautiful jars with a large variety of locally made fragrances. Over 20 fragrances to choose from providing a candle here for everyone to enjoy.

A unique shopping experience

Why not skip the commotion of in town shopping. Come enjoy the peace and quiet of the country, enjoy seeing the animals and shop a unique selection of hand crafted candles and locally crafted decor pieces.

Come stick your nose in our business

Why we choose soy wax.

Soy wax is all natural and derived from vegetables. In fact, it is so natural you can eat it. Without colour or fragrance you could use it for cooking... making our candles 100% natural with no additives.

The Red barn is highly recommended and it is a great business to be established in our community. There isn’t many businesses with the same cozy, friendly, heartwarming atmosphere as this one. If you love homemade candles the Red Barn is truly your place.


Candles are outstanding; they burn beautifully, and smell amazing! Customer service is top notch, even accommodating my demanding off hour pick up time. Gave 3 dough bowls as gifts, and Im sure you will have 3 new customers as a result, everyone loved them! Thank you for proving us with another local option for candles! 


On the excellent recommendation of my good friend, I took a drive on a beautiful day to The Candle Barn. What a lovely shop, Kay is so very nice and accommodating! Beautifully made candles that smell delicious!


Family Operated

Hand crafted here on our Farm

Our family business is just that, run by the family. Even the kids love to get involved. They love preping jars, and adding warning labels to the candles. I will always point out to a customer the love if they recieve a candle with a crooked warning label. With love from the kiddos. We started off making candles in our kitchen, which quickly out grew that to the basment. Our childrens play room was the Candle Den... as our production grew even more, we revamped our barn with our "Candle Loft" where we make all our products right here in the Barn. Follow us on social Media, and watch as we make all our plans for The Candle Barn come true.